How does X Ante work with clients?

X Ante produces data reports and analyses customized to the needs and objectives of each client.

Typically, we deliver our products to clients within two weeks of the placement of an order.

The delivery and format of the product varies according to the preference of the client. Some clients prefer a PDF report with an executive summary followed by an analysis of the data with illustrative charts and graphics. Other clients prefer access to the data in a spreadsheet format or video files of particular advertisements. X Ante can also provide e-mail alerts to clients notifying them when particular advertisements have aired.


Do you offer regular reports monitoring trends in mass tort advertising?

Yes. Our most popular product is our 360 Degree Report, a weekly or monthly report on the latest advertising activity for a particular pharmaceutical product, medical device, or other products or topic. These reports can include when the ads were broadcast, where they were broadcast, how often they were broadcast, who sponsored them and an estimate of how much was paid for the ad. Video files of the ads can also be provided.

Do you provide information on advertising targeting litigation topics other than pharmaceuticals and medical devices?

Yes. We provide data reports on any product or issue that is the subject of widespread litigation advertising.  Some recent areas of our attention outside of the pharmaceutical and medical device space include mesothelioma/asbestos, the BP oil spill, and the Takata air bag recall.

Can you provide information on past advertising?

Yes. X Ante can provide data on mass tort advertising broadcast since 2005.

How do the X Ante products differ from X Ante Monthly?

X Ante Monthly - formerly known as The Silverstein Group Mass Tort Ad Report - is a complimentary monthly e-mail report highlighting high-level trends in mass tort advertising. These reports provide a snapshot of advertising activity but not the same level of detail or analysis in our comprehensive, customized client products. Subscribe here.


How does X Ante get its information on mass tort advertising?

The advertising data is gathered through automated and manual watching, reviewing and coding of mass tort product liability television advertisements in 210 local broadcast media markets and on 12 national broadcast networks, 8 Spanish-language networks, and more than 80 national cable networks. This process notes and records when the ad was broadcast, where it was broadcast, how often it was broadcast, who sponsored the ad, and an estimate of the cost to broadcast the ad. Video files of each ad are also captured.


How much does an X Ante report cost?

Our prices correspond to the size and scope of the product purchased. Please contact us for a price quote.


Who is X Ante?

X Ante provides detailed analysis of mass tort litigation advertising to Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, attorneys at top law firms, research firms, life sciences insurers, and communications firms.

The firm originated within The Silverstein Group, a crisis management and communications firm in Washington, DC, founded by attorney Rustin Silverstein