Pelvic mesh

With over $2 million spent on nearly 7,000 ads, March marked the 11th consecutive month that pelvic (transvaginal) mesh products were among the top three products targeted in plaintiffs' attorney television advertisements.   

The continued prominence of this advertising indicates that the manufacturers of pelvic mesh products -- although already facing thousands of claims nationwide -- should not expect a reprieve from further litigation any time soon.

As indicated by the map below showing advertising activity over the past 6 months, pelvic mesh attorney ads are broadcast in nearly every local media market in the country. 

Over 50,000 pelvic mesh ads have been broadcast over the past year. The great majority of advertising spending was devoted to ads aired on national cable and broadcast networks.  Just five law firms accounted for over two-thirds of all ad spending.

Number of Pelvic Mesh Attorney Ads by US Local Media Market, October 2013 - March 2014

Pelvic mesh