Dialysis Product Ads Down From Early 2013

Dialysis Product Ads Down From Early 2013

Estimated spending on attorney television advertising targeting users of the dialysis products Granuflo and Naturalyte declined in September by 32% from August to September and by more than half since the beginning of the year.

Manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care — the nation’s largest dialysis provider, Granuflo and Naturalyte were used in the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure during hemodialysis and were subject to an FDA recall in March 2012.

Despite this decline, Granuflo and Naturalyte have consistently been among the top 5 drug or medical devices targeted in attorney advertising.  In 2013, nearly $9 million has been spent on approximately 75,000 ads broadcast through the end of September.

Nearly half (47%) of all spending on Granuflo/Naturalyte ads this year has been devoted to advertisements on national broadcast and cable networks.

Two law firms — Davis & Crump and Feazell & Tighe — have accounted for about 37% of all attorney advertising spending targeting Granuflo and Naturalyte.

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