What is X Ante?

X Ante is the premier source for data and analysis on advertising and marketing by plaintiffs’ lawyers and others soliciting claims related to mass tort litigation.

What does X Ante cover in its reporting and analysis?

X Ante gathers, analyzes and reports on nearly all television advertising by law firms and others related to drug, medical device, and other product liability and mass tort litigation in the United States. We also closely track and analyze local radio and newspaper advertising in the largest media markets and lawsuit solicitation activity online and on social media.

Who uses X Ante reports?

X Ante provides reports on lawsuit solicitation advertising and other mass tort intelligence to Fortune 500 companies, attorneys at top law firms, investment analysts, research firms, insurers, communications agencies and others.

How are X Ante reports used?

Our clients have utilized our reports on plaintiffs’ lawyer TV advertising and other drug and medical device mass tort litigation intelligence in a number of ways:


  • Forecasting mass tort litigation risk
  • Supporting litigation activities such as change of venue motions and jury selection
  • Supporting sales and marketing efforts in response to attacks on corporate and brand reputations


Learn more about how X Ante insights are applied here.

How does X Ante work with clients?

X Ante produces data reports and analyses customized to the needs and objectives of each client.


Typically, we deliver our products to clients within two weeks of the placement of an order.


The delivery and format of the product varies according to the preference of the client. Some clients prefer a PDF report with an executive summary followed by an analysis of the data with illustrative charts and graphics. Other clients prefer access to the data in a spreadsheet format or video files of particular advertisements. X Ante can also provide e-mail alerts to clients notifying them when particular advertisements have aired.

How much does an X Ante report cost?

Our prices correspond to the size and scope of the product purchased. Please contact us for a price quote.

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