In-house and outside counsel utilize X Ante products to support their cases throughout the litigation process.


Receive early notification of potential litigation targeting select products with a Portfolio Monitor.

Prepare for and adapt to ongoing litigation with actionable intelligence on trends in advertising volume, where ads are broadcast and which firms are sponsoring the ads with a 360 Degree Report.

Oppose efforts to consolidate lawsuits in class action or multidistrict litigation proceedings by demonstrating that pervasive mass tort advertising rather than substantive developments triggered the filing of lawsuits with a Historical Survey.

Question plaintiffs’ during discovery about their exposure to product warnings in mass tort ads and their possible motivations for bringing suit — supported by a Local Focus on prevalence of advertising in their media market.

Determine the most favorable time and venue for trial and investigate potential juror bias due to mass tort advertising with Historical Survey and Local Focus reports.

Present mass tort ads gathered from the Ad Video Archive at trial to establish that the ads’ scare tactics and promises of compensation — rather than product defects — triggered high volumes of lawsuits and adverse event reports.

Track which law firms are building up large inventories of cases based on their advertising in advance of settlement negotiations with a 360 Degree Report.

Preparing for trial? Understand the advertising surrounding your case.