Our Story

Rustin Silverstein of X Ante (right) presents findings on mass tort advertising trends

We started X Ante to answer a question: What’s going on with all of those lawyer ads on TV?


Advertisements soliciting lawsuits over alleged injuries caused by pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and other products were ubiquitous. They aired all day and all night on every channel across the country.


Who was sponsoring these ads? What products were they targeting? Where were they airing? What were they saying? Just how pervasive was this advertising?

As an attorney working in crisis management and communications, Rustin Silverstein’s clients would ask these questions.

So, he went looking for answers.

At first, he couldn’t find much. Later, after some creative digging, he discovered, created, and synthesized data that allowed him to provide new insights and analysis into the mass tort advertising phenomenon.

Soon, others heard about these reports and wanted to learn more. Rustin founded X Ante to meet this demand.

We started with television advertising — the primary method of mass tort lawsuit solicitations — and continue to report on what the ads were targeting, how often they run, who is behind them, and where they air. We cover advertising on national broadcast and cable networks and locally in every media market across the country.

We later expanded our coverage of mass tort advertising to include other traditional media such as local radio and newspaper ads.

Our reporting also now captures mass tort developments online and on social media.

For example, we follow conversations about mass tort targets on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and track the fluctuating demand for claims by tracking changes in prices placed for ads on Google.

To gauge the public response to mass tort advertising, we measure the number of searches on Google for terms associated with the targeted products, their side effects and litigation. We also report on what results display following these searches — Are they news articles? The manufacturers’ website? Or solicitations by law firms seeking claimants?

Coverage of these issues have allowed us to track and report on the not-so-hidden drivers behind the explosion in mass tort litigation in recent years and become the leading source for mass tort advertising intelligence and analysis.

Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, investment analysts, communications professionals and others now rely on X Ante for clear and comprehensive reporting on the mass tort advertising and related phenomenon.

We value these relationships and remain committed to providing comprehensive, clear, and reliable intelligence.