Trend reports and analysis customized to client needs


Monitor mass tort litigation claim solicitations with in-depth regular reports on television, online, social media, and other advertising targeting a particular product.

Learn about the initiation and increase of mass tort advertising targeting products with a monthly monitor of top-line advertising activity.

Know when an advertisement targeting a particular product has been broadcast with an e-mail alert sent within hours of airing.


Analyze past activity with a comprehensive report on over 10 years of mass tort advertising data.

Investigate the occurrence and nature of mass tort advertising in over 200 local media markets across all 50 states.

Examine video of TV advertisements from an extensive archive of all mass tort ads from 2005 through the present.

Data Sources

See what plaintiffs, jurors and the public learn about the litigation on TV with analysis of advertisements on all major national broadcast and cable networks as well as in over 200 local media markets.

Measure public and advertiser interest in a mass tort litigation with research on internet advertising, search volumes, top search results, and social media posts.

Measure efforts to solicit claims and sway local opinion with reporting on local radio, newspaper and internet mass tort advertising in all major US markets.

Want to understand mass tort ad targeting of your products?